Beam Power Teams clean virtually anything...for whole-house cleaning convenience!

With each Beam Power Team you get the proper tools to easily and thoroughly clean any floor surface and virtually anything above the floor! Each Beam Power Team includes an electric power brush, lightweight 30' crushproof 1-3/8" diameter electric hose, a dusting brush, wall/bare floor tool, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle. Optional accessories let you easily clean window blinds, ceiling fan blades, beneath the refrigerator and more. You can even groom your pets!

The Beam® Q Power Team™
The quietest electric power brush available, with three levels of height adjustment providing Beam's highest level of carpet cleaning effectiveness. The Beam Q Power Team also comes with On-Board tools that include a dusting brush and crevice tool that attach to the ultra handle, and an additional upholstery brush and 14" floor brush.

The Beam® Solaire Power Team™
The Beam Solaire's floating height adjustment automatically adjusts to carpet height, and a rubber squeegee strip located behind the brush roll captures debris on hard floor making the Solaire Beam's most versatile Power Team. Beam's On-Board tools are also included with the Beam Solaire Power Team.

Beam Q

Beam Solaire

Beam Rugmaster Plus

Beam Serenity Plus
LED Display Yes No No No
Headlights LED LED Incandescent Fluorescent
Belt System Poly V Cog Slip No-slip cogged
Edge Cleaning Dual Single N/A N/A
Electronic Circuit Protection Yes Yes No Yes
Handle Ultra Ultra Soft Touch Soft Touch
Height Adjustment 3 Levels Floating Floating Floating
On-board Tools Yes Yes No no
Wand Telescopic Telescopic 2-Piece Chrome Metal Telescopic
Quick Release Neck Yes Yes No Yes
Steel Axle & Sealed Bearings Yes Yes No Yes
Overmolded Wheels & Bumper Yes Yes No No

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